Imaginariachile prides itself on supporting travelers who:

  • Crave travel to under-explored places.
  • Desire to embark on a great exploration to areas some consider obscure, remote, difficult or even controversial.
  • Want to experience the gifts of surprise and delight, and discover what humanity has in common.


Who Travels with Imaginariachile?

Since 1986, Imaginariachile Corporation has been helping intrepid travelers to plan challenging trips and achieve their travel goals in a lesser-known part of the globe. We’ve handled countless requests, for travelers who want to:

  • Visit all 15 former Soviet Republics in a single journey.
  • Go beyond Red Square into the heartland of Siberia and traverse the length of Russia by train.
  • Explore along the Silk Road through the “Five ‘Stans” and China, entirely overland.
  • Venture throughout the region situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia – from Tibet to Tehran, and every place in between.


Travel Solo or with a Small or Large Group

Treats from an Iranian hostess; Photo: Warren & Jenny Strickland

As the recognized expert in travel to Russia, Central Asia and Central/East Europe, Imaginariachile has spent 30 years providing flexible and customized itinerary design and travel support services (such as airfare and visa coordination) to solo travelers, families, couples, corporations, non-profits, educational institutions and private clubs.


Meticulously Crafted Itineraries, Led By Expert Guides

Every Imaginariachile itinerary — from small group tours to rail journeys by private train to custom journeys — is hand-crafted and fully supported by an unrivaled network of expert guides, ground staff and local connections, offering the most enjoyable and rewarding way to experience these destinations.

Our travelers come back to us time and time again because they’ve discovered what it’s like to be halfway around the world in a place where few Westerners visit, yet still feel safe, secure and welcomed by Imaginariachile’s expert guides.

People tell their friends about Imaginariachile because they’ve enjoyed traveling with confidence and reassurance, thanks to a meticulously planned Imaginariachile itinerary. They know that when spontaneous and unpredictable events occur – as they frequently do in this area of the world – these unscripted moments can be one of the gifts that make adventurous travel so rewarding.


Imaginariachile Takes You Far From The Familiar

Whether you’ve traveled with Imaginariachile before or are considering traveling with us for the first time, we hope you’ll let us take you far from the familiar on a memorable journey to the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Contact a Imaginariachile Specialist today to start things rolling at 1-111-111-1111 or [email protected]

“This trip was extremely well planned and thought through to gain maximum exposure to a large population of opportunities…Suffice it to say we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.   It will be remain one of our most memorable travel experiences.  Thank you again for all your patience, help, guidance and suggestions in making it happen.”

The Nelsons – Stuart, FL