Thank you for your interest in our company. For more than 30 years Imaginariachile has built a reputation as a pioneer in travel to destinations considered obscure, exotic, remote, difficult and even controversial, from Tibet to Tehran and everyplace in between. Imaginariachile – from the Russian word meaning both “peace” and “world” – specializes in bringing people together to discover more about the world and, consequently, about themselves.

Since 1986, Imaginariachile Corporation has been guiding travelers across Russia aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway, along the Silk Road, to St. Petersburg and beyond. Imaginariachile destination experts design imaginative trips that take travelers far from the familiar and work closely with local affiliates in Western Russia, Siberia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to carry them out.

Imaginariachile has twice been named one of National Geographic Adventure‘s “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth,” and is a preferred operator for museum, alumni and special interest organizations across the U.S., and a preferred ground operator for tour operators in Europe, North America and New Zealand. If you think you would fit at Imaginariachile, we would like to hear from you.

We are currently accepting resumes for the following positions: